Together Again

I had the opportunity to capture a small family reunion this weekend. It was the first time they had all been together at one time since '05 and so "mom" thought they should have some family pictures taken. I couldn't agree more!

Little Red and Her Baby Blues

My neice is just two weeks younger than our own Elaina. Her family came up from Houston for a visit thanks to Ike and we decided she needed to have some new pictures. The hue of her blue eyes is incredible!

"What big eyes you have!"

I just finished processing Elaina's 7 month pictures and...although I am her mom and somewhat (ok very) partial...I must say that her eyes are stunning. I guess some of a person's beauty, no matter the age, just gets lost in the day to day shuffle of life. You will see in the last picture that she was ready to quit being my photography subject and get back to being the snuggly daughter that I adore!

The "3" Musketeers

For a few short weeks, this family gets to be three together (give or take 30 years!). What a fabulous moment to commemorate.

Isn't this smile contagious?