Ashton and Tory | McKinney Tx Engagement Photographer

I decided to finally blog this session, since I am on my way to Amarillo for Tory's bridal session today.  I can not wait to see her dress!  It is such a treat getting to be a part of this special time in her life.

Brothers and Sisters | McKinney Area Family and Child Photography

Big brothers...I always thought it would be fun to have one.  Both of these little girls look like they are growing up with great ones!  The birthday boy has been posing for my camera for three years now, so I have had the opportunity to watch him with his baby sister from the beginning.  He is so protective of her.  As I photographed the older siblings, I noticed that the hug and loves from baby sister weren't quite as appreciated, especially in public, but the affection was absolutely still there.  I may not have had an older brother, but I wouldn't trade my little brothers for anything.

Giggles and Grins | McKinney Frisco Child Portrait Photographer

Every stage has its own joys and challenges.  Newborns are precious, but the little ones who smile back at me completely steal my heart.  Most of these clients are repeats, which means I was once again reminded of just how quickly a newborn baby grows.

Hello world! | Dallas Area Newborn Photographer

I have had the opportunity to photograph a lot of newborns over the past few months.  If I wasn't so sure I was done having babies, these precious little miracles would be hard to photograph.  Such sweet sleepy smiles and tiny hands and feet.  Love!

Spring Wild Flower Sessions | McKinney Frisco Allen TX Family Photographer

One of the things I love best about this area are all the wildflowers that grow in fields and along the roadside.  I have learned, though, that you can't always depend on them being there the next time.  I had spotted the perfect patch to take my girls and some one mowed them down before I made it out there.  Uuugh!!!  Thankfully there were plenty of flowers for these sessions.