Something to Celebrate | Family Photograper McKinney, Texas

Every birthday party is special, but this was an extra special celebration. Eighty years. Only a two decades shy of a century. Wow! I love thinking about all of the things he has seen during his lifetime and I can't help thinking about what life will be like when I reach that milestone. :) I know it was cool and windy, and that we couldn't venture far, but these images will definitely be something you all will treasure.

So Tiny | Newborn Photograper McKinney Texas

I went to visit my friend yesterday to see her sweet baby boy.  We had plans to get one more maternity shot with her last sonogram picture, but Mr. B had other plans that day.  She went in for a routine check-up and came home with a baby!  It is so easy to forget how tiny babies can be.  She commented about how much he had grown already, but he is still smaller than any of my girls ever were!!!  Thanks for letting me bring my camera along for the visit.  I know we will schedule something later, but I just couldn't resist the urge. :) 
...and the perfect valentine hat!

Sweetness | Valentine Mini Session Dallas Texas Photographer

It is hard being a mom sometimes, and especially hard when you have two tiny children at once. My two year old can wear me out. My friend also has a just turned two year old, but she also has a quickly growing baby boy that will be one before we know it. They may be challenging now, but like my own little brother and me, they will be so close as they grow up! You can get glimses of it even now, in their sweet looks and precious hugs. Just remember, sweetie, pictures won't always be this hard, I promise!!!

Lots of Love | Valentine Mini Session McKinney Texas Photography

I wasn't sure if it would work, but I managed to get 4 adorable siblings squeezed onto my little backdrop that I have set up for mini sessions. Baby brother wasn't in a picture taking mood, but he is still oh so cute! The chair was a definite hit with the three oldest siblings. I'm not posting the one of mr. h in the pink chair, but I agree with mom that it will be great ammo for a future girlfriend!!!

Little Beauty | Valentine Mini Session McKinney Texas

One of my favorite little models came over for a quick mini session on Saturday. Her gorgeous locks are super fun! I am so glad that her momma convinced her to put on the pettiskirt for a few pictures. It was the perfect shade of red for her awesome monogrammed tee. Sorry I didn't get these posted sooner. Thanks for being patient with me, Liz.  Tell Miss A that I hope she is saving up some great jokes for our next meeting! :)