silhouette | i heart faces Frisco McKinney Tx Child Photography

Here is one from a session yesterday.  It isn't exactly the silhouette this contest is going for, but I loved all the detail in the shadow of his face.  It reminds me of the sihouette cutouts my mom has hanging on her bedroom wall of me and my brothers. 

  The entries this week are incredible.  Be sure to go take a look.

Orange ~ i heart faces | McKinney Frisco Allen Newborn Portrait Photographer

I feel so bad for not updating my blog lately, but at least I am still posting a few new pictures because of the i heart faces weekly challenges!  The theme this week is orange and it immediately reminded me of an incredible nursery from a session a few weeks ago.  I knew I wanted to try and get this shot the moment I saw the crib, but I wasn't sure if I would be able to pull it off.  Considering that I climed a step ladder, held the camera above my head, and clicked...well, I was quite pleased with how it turned out. :)  If you haven't seen the sneak peek on my facebook page of this smily little girl, you should go take a look.  She was a dream to work with!

There is a lot more orange to see at
I Heart Faces - Photo Challenges, Tutorials and Tips

Costume Contest 2010

I loved photographing so many adorable costumes this year.  My purple kangaroo and pirate aren't in the bunch, but I will be sharing pictures soon.  My incredible mom always makes them the best costumes!  I am sure that all my mini session participants would love your vote.  Please head on over to my FaceBook page and "like" your favorite!

Pink... | i heart faces | McKinney Frisco Allen Portrait Photographer

Being the mother of two girls, I love this weeks theme.  I have a lot of pink options, but since I am so behind on my blogging, I decided to post a picture from one of this past weekend's sessions.  This little girl had the most fabulous curly dark hair and her bedroom was full of pink...imagine that!  I almost used a sweet picture of her sitting on the bed surrounded by all the pinkness, but I couldn't resist sharing this one.  She just loved being allowed to do something she normally isn't!

This week's theme is close to my heart for another reason, as well.  I am so thankful that my grandmother won her battle with breast cancer.  She is strong.  She is a fighter.  She has taught me so much in my life.  I love you, Grandma!

Fall... | North Dallas TX Child and Family Photographer

This family met me at the arboretum a few weeks ago and it was a beautiful day.  It was great getting to see this beautiful little one again. Time goes so quickly.  It seems like only yesterday I met Miss K for the first time at her 6 month session.  Her first birthday session will be here before we know it!  Have I mentioned how much I love watching these babies grow during their first year?

M & M Turn One! | Mckinney Frisco TX Baby 1st Birthday Twin Photographer

I have so many sessions to blog.  I can't believe I have let myself get so far behind, but I just haven't been able to squeeze everything in. 

The morning we scheduled this session turned out to be rather cold and dreary.  Miss M's mood seemed to mimic the weather, but we still went away with some great images.  We did meet back up a couple of days later to get some more "smily" shots.  Of course, the family picture where both twins are upset and mom and dad look like they have had enough is still my favorite shot...maybe of the year.  Nicole was actually just brushing the hair out of her face, but the click of the camera shows it in an entirely different light!

Precious... Dallas TX Newborn Photographer

Home newborn sessions are always a lot of fun.  It gives me the opportunity to get a feel for my client's personality.  It is also a little more relaxing for the new mom and dad.  Newborn sessions tend to drag on for dads, but having a football game to entertain definitely didn't hurt the situation!  Thanks, you two, for letting me spend the afternoon at your house.  I know this isn't exactly a sneak peek, since your gallery is already posted, but she was just too precious not to share. :)

Chalk | i heart faces | McKinney Frisco Allen Portrait Photographer

Admit it, there is just something about playing with chalk.  Although it is one of our favorite activites around my house, I couldn't seem to find any really great chalk pictures of my two year old.  That probably has a lot to do with the fact that she went through a phase where I couldn't keep her fully clothed, but at least it was summer!

I took this one of a client's little girl a little over a year ago. There were quite a few from this series that I loved, but I finally narrowed it down to this one...

2nd Annual Costume Contest ~ McKinney Frisco Allen TX Child Photographer

Bring your pirates, your fairies, your monkeys, your.....  I can't wait to see what costumes everyone is going to have this year.  If you participate last year, you know how much fun this can be.  For $30 you get a 15 - 20 minute session, an online gallery with 5 images, one 5x7 of your favorite, and a Halloween e-card to send out to all your friends and family.  The session is for one child. Siblings can be added for $10 each or book additional sessions for only $20.
The weekend of Halloween, I will post one picture from each session on facebook and my blog and voting will begin!  This year's winner will receive a FREE SESSION and a 5x5 or 5x7 metal stand up for their desk.  I'll post pictures of the metal stand up as soon as my sample comes in.  They are made by transferring an image directly to an aluminum sheet using heat and pressure and come with an acrylic base.  I ordered one for a gift not long ago and was quite pleased with how it turned out.  I know you are all going to love them!

These slots will fill up quickly, so schedule yours today! 

P.S.  If you share this link on your facebook page and leave a comment on this post, then you will be entered into a drawing for a free Mini Accordian Album. :)  Good Luck!

Smirk | i heart faces | McKinney Frisco Allen Portrait Photographer

The gals over at I HEART FACES always comes up with great ideas for challenges.  This week is all about the smirk.  ~ A smirk refers to a smile evoking insolence, scorn, or offensive smugness ~ 

I grabbed my camera last week to get a snapshot of Elyssa for a school project and this was one of the looks I got.  She hated this picture, but I kept it because I loved the two crooked little dimples!  When I saw this week's theme, I knew this was the perfect picture to share.

A lot more smirks can be found at

Miss S turned 1! | Mckinney Frisco TX Baby 1st Birthday Photography

Well, I can't call this a preview, since the pictures have already all been uploaded to an online gallery, but it she is too cute not to share!  After a full year of seeing this little beauty every three months, I was almost sad to see this session come.  It is so much fun watching a tiny newborn go through all of the different stages that take them from infant to toddler.  Have I mentioned how much I love my job?

Growing Up | Mckinney TX Maternity and Family Photographer

I can't even describe what a joy it was to photograph my childhood best friend's daughters. We have been friends since we were her youngest daughter's age, and oh how she reminded me of elementary days spent playing with her mom! They even have a lot of the same facial expressions. And beautiful Miss H is growing up so fast. Only a few more years and it will be time to take her Senior pictures. I'm so thankful that God has blessed me with such wonderful friends throughout my life!

....and a couple to show you just how cute a sassy little girl can be!

Vroom Vroom | i heart faces | Dallas Area Portrait Photographer

I am seriously behind on my sneak peek blogging, so here is one quick post for this weeks challenge, and then it is back to work for me.  :) 

Photojournalism | i heart faces | Dallas Area Portrait Photographer

Telling a story with an is the part I like best about my job. 

These were taken at my daughter's birthday party within moments of each other.  You can see the players at the first table were enjoying the conversation even more than the game.  Of course, there are many residents at the assited living center that take a game of BINGO very seriously.  Can you feel the anger boiling just below the surface in face of the lady in the sweater?  I have to say, that over all everyone had a wonderful time. 

In the end I was thankful that I hadn't talked my daughter out of her unusual choice of party location.  I believe it benefited everyone involved.  If you want to know more about her party, I blogged about it here.

Be sure and visit I HEART FACES this week.  There are some incredible images this week.

Terry Family | Mckinney TX Maternity and Family Photographer

I met Esther the last time she was expecting. My husband and I signed up to be a part of a life group Aaron and Esther were leading.  At our first meeting we discovered that 5 of us were due within just a few months of each other and there were only about 7 families in the group!  Friendships developed quickly among our group, although one of my new found friends threatened to quit...she already had 4 kids at home.  It was a fun joke, but she soon learned that leaving was never really an option, since number five was already on the way. :)  We have all since moved on to other lifegroups, but the bonds we formed during that time will last forever.  I cherish my friendships with these ladies, even if we don't manage to get together quite as often as we would like for our girl's night out.
Thank you for squeezing in a quick session Friday night.  Esther, you looked stunning as usual.  No one would ever guess that you had just spent your first week back with a classroom full of little ones.  And Aaron, thanks for pushing back your appointment.  I am so glad we finally managed to get some pictures of your beautiful family.  It only took us a year of rescheduling!! Now we just need to find a day to get some good out door shots of the girls.  Love you guys.

Better Late... | Frisco TX Child and Family Photographer

I guess the first week back to school through me off more than I thought.  As I prepared to post a session from this weekend, I realized that I never posted an actual sneak peek for the Melanshekos from last weekend.  Let's just pretend this is last week and they haven't already ordered.  LOL!!!

Fix It Friday | i heart faces | North Dallas Portrait Photography

I don't usually participate in the Fix It Fridays challenge, but I really liked the photo they chose for this week.  (not to mention I have a ton of house work I am putting  A big thanks to Angie Arthur Photography
for the use of her image for this week's challenge.

The first thing I did was pull it into lightroom and made some basic adjustments.  Working with a jpg isn't the same as starting with a raw file, but it still worked.  I upped the exposure, brightness, and recovery slider a little and then used the brush to bring down the sky and lighten some of the shadows and then used then just warmed it up a bit.  I used that version to make some more adjustments in photoshop.  The one with Florabella actions is processed with Cosmopolitan set at a lower opacity in one layer and then duplicated on an even lower opacity set to screen.  The last version is sharpened with an unsharp mask and then I ran TRA free Slice Like a Ninja (lowered to 25% opacity) and added a light haze.

Click the link at the top to go see some of the other creative ways to fix it!

Teacher Gift Idea - Sticky Note Holder | Mckinney, TX Family Photographer

Ok...I absolutely can not take credit for this idea.  I actually received one as a gift and thought it was too cute not to make for the beginning of the school year.  One of my friends and I spent an afternoon and made enough for each of our daughters' teachers and her coworkers (since she is a teacher).  It was easy and a lot of fun!

Supplies:  clear frames from Wal-mart or the Dollar Store
                coordinating scrapbook papers
                sticky note pads
                clear pens (we used Pentel RSVP)
                glue or sticky dots
                paper cutter

Cut your paper to fit the frame.  Ours were 4x6 but 5x7 would be good, too.  We then cut two sizes of rectangles the largest being 2.5x2 and the other 2x1.5.  A cricut would have been perfect to cut the monogram, but since we don't own one...we just did it by hand.  We just glued these pieces on the 4x6 sheet and then slide it into the frame upside down, which allowed the frame to sit at an angle.  Two sticky dots on the back of the sticky note pad held it in place.  Terifically Tacky Tape from Michaels would work as well.  We finished up by using the ribbon to make a bow.  Last, but not least. take a 4.5 inch strip of scrap paper, roll it up, and slide it into the barral of the pen and you have a perfectly coordinating set!  A small piece of velcro would work perfectly to hold the pen across the bottom of the frame.

You can order bags here if you can't find any at Michaels.  Just slip them in a tie with a matching bow!

Back to School

Summer flew by and today it was time to send my oldest back to school. I still can't believe that she is in 3rd grade already. She was excited about school and extra excited about getting to ride her new bike. We found a pink and black one...her favorite color combination. I am so blessed to have her for a daughter. I pray great things for this school year!

Beach Fun | i heart faces | North Dallas Portrait Photographer

I love the beach. Some day, I would love to spend my summers some place like the New Jersey shore. For now, I look forward to the times I get to visit my family on the Oregon coast. We don't get there as often as I would like, but I treasure the times we do. It has been a little over a year since our last trip. My girls loved walking along the shore with their Grandpa Walker. This was one of my favorite pictures from our trip and it just happened to be taken with my little point and shoot. (Guess dad had my good camera at the moment.) Proof that the camera doesn't make the picture!

Bobo | North Dallas Pet Photographer

I wanted to share a couple of images that I took of my friend's sweet dog. I happened to have my camera while visiting recently.  Since he is getting older, she wanted to make sure they had some good pictures to remember him by in the years to come.  He hadn't been recently groomed, but I thought that made it even better.  Just look at his sweet face!

Pure Sweetness... North Dallas Infant / Baby Photographer

Sunday night at 7 it was still around 100 degrees outside. We were all pouring sweat, but this sweet baby girl still managed to smile. It wasn't long before the warmth lulled her to sleep. Three month pictures are often tough. Newborns are tiny and posable. A six month old is stronger, can often sit up, and smiles a lot. Well, now I will look at 3 months sessions in a whole new light. I love these!

Gotta love the team rivalry!