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Ok...I absolutely can not take credit for this idea.  I actually received one as a gift and thought it was too cute not to make for the beginning of the school year.  One of my friends and I spent an afternoon and made enough for each of our daughters' teachers and her coworkers (since she is a teacher).  It was easy and a lot of fun!

Supplies:  clear frames from Wal-mart or the Dollar Store
                coordinating scrapbook papers
                sticky note pads
                clear pens (we used Pentel RSVP)
                glue or sticky dots
                paper cutter

Cut your paper to fit the frame.  Ours were 4x6 but 5x7 would be good, too.  We then cut two sizes of rectangles the largest being 2.5x2 and the other 2x1.5.  A cricut would have been perfect to cut the monogram, but since we don't own one...we just did it by hand.  We just glued these pieces on the 4x6 sheet and then slide it into the frame upside down, which allowed the frame to sit at an angle.  Two sticky dots on the back of the sticky note pad held it in place.  Terifically Tacky Tape from Michaels would work as well.  We finished up by using the ribbon to make a bow.  Last, but not least. take a 4.5 inch strip of scrap paper, roll it up, and slide it into the barral of the pen and you have a perfectly coordinating set!  A small piece of velcro would work perfectly to hold the pen across the bottom of the frame.

You can order bags here if you can't find any at Michaels.  Just slip them in a tie with a matching bow!


Michelle Leigh said...

Super cute idea! I love it!

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