Simply Stunning

This mom and daughter duo are repeat clients that I have come to adore. As you can see, they are as sweet as they are stunning. Here you go girls...enjoy your preview!

Busy, busy :)

This is definitely the busiest that I have ever been, but I must admit that I am loving it! It is so much fun meeting new families and catching up with the clients I've seen before. Here is a quick peak for the great group of siblings I met this weekend. What a great idea for your parent's Christmas present!

....and just for dad...

Got Dirt?

This little cutie is definitely going to be an outdoors man. He loved the grass and the leaves. The dew made them nice and sticky, as you can see from the pictures. Six month olds put everything in their mouths...and the leaves were his favorite chew toy of the moment. What fun memories!

Two of my favorite girls!

My daughter became best friends with a wonderful little girl last year in Kindergarten. Through that God blessed me with an incredible friendship, as well. The littlest Sutherland is a real joy, too. You should hear her talk about my "baby Lainy" (which is pronounced more like baby wainy!). I honestly don't know what my family would do without their family! :)

A Tiny Tori!

My name is much more common now than when I was a child, but it is still always fun to meet a name twinkie. It is even more special when I happen to be taking her first baby pictures! Isn't she adorable?