Caution...Very Cute Kids Ahead!

I do believe that these three have grown even cuter since I saw them last year. It is never fun to get up early in the summer, but they were troopers. Enjoy your preview!

Another Birthday Girl

My friend's little peanut has just turned 3. It is hard to believe how fast time has gone. If you look, you will find pictures of her on my website back to when she was tiny. Her puppy has made lots of appearances, too. Thanks for being such a great model little one!

A Beautiful Morning...

This morning was beautiful, but it certainly got hot fast! These three beautiful girls searched out relief from the heat at every water source we found. Luckily it made for some great shots! :) Their mimi will be glad to know that I managed to get some wonderful pictures even though we had one that was camera shy. Thanks for braving the heat with me today.

You may not be able to tell, but she actually caught a butterfly. It was a joy to see the excitement in her eyes!!!

Terrific Two's

Whoever said that two's are terrible? This adorable little girl did great at our photoshoot last Saturday. She loved the chalk, but definitely did not like having muddy feet! That's exactly how a little princess should be... :)

Number 2

It is amazing how time can seem to fly and yet barely move at the same time. It seems like only yesterday that I photographed this little boy when he was 31 weeks along and now it is his little brothers turn. Lauren was my very first real client, too, so in that sense it seems like quite a long time ago. She looks stunning, as always. Thanks, Lauren, for the continued opportunity to work with you and your family. :)