Kaitlin | Senior Portrait Photography Keller TX

I loved spending part of my afternoon with this gorgeous senior.  She was a joy to work with.  Not only does she have a fabulous personality, but she is beyond beautiful.  Although I love them all, the dandelion shots were my favorite and hers!  Thanks for making the drive to work with me!

The Manley Family| McKinney TX Child and Family Photographer

This session was over a month ago and the rather nice day turned unexpectedly cold by late afternoon.  Even though he was chilly, the sweet little guy was full of smiles and giggles.

Cotton Candy Clouds | McKinney TX Child Birthday Event Photographer

With all the other birthday's I have shared lately, I just couldn't resist the urge to share my own daughter's party.  Wind....that is the answer she gave me when I asked what type of party she wanted.  I racked my brain for ideas and searched google for everything I could find.  As time went along the theme evolved into cotton candy clouds.  She loves all things pink and had recently talked me into a cotton candy machine at Big Lots, plus I could incorporate her "wind" idea.  I have to admit that I was very pleased with the results. 
I found eco-snow for 75% off at Jo-Anns and went to work making cloud tufts to hang from the ceiling,  I also placed it around the room on tables and the ground to give the feel of really being in the sky. 
There was even a little rain cloud!
Using a baskets and 3ft balloons, I made hot-air balloons to decorate the table and a large one for pictures with her friends. 
The banner is just triangles that I hand cut out of scrapbook paper.  I used an itty bitty whole punch to puch wholes in the corners and then ran twine through it.  I used some of the same paper to make large pinwheels that served as decorations and treats for the kids.  They were really easy.  Just squares of paper, painted dowels, large beads, and metal wire.  I was impressed that they actually spun in the wind!
But I think my favorite thing was the noisemaker for the kids.  It was a basic yellow blowout, that I drew lightening on and then made cloud faces.  They turned out so cute!  It was one of the original ideas I had found using google.  I "pinned" a lot of ideas on my wind party board, so I will share the link at the end of the post.
The kids made a sunshine and rainbow craft.  They pained with cotton puff clouds instead of paint brushes.  They all turned out so cute!
They also pretended to be wind and had cloud races!
...and danced on clouds :)
My mom made the frosting for the cake and cupcakes.  It tasted just like marshmallows.  YUM!!!
They weren't trick candles, but they sure acted like it.  Daddy finally stepped in to help. :)
The party favors were ivory soap, with instructions on how to use a microwave to turn in into a cloud and rain "drops" (lemon drops and gum drops).  For the ivory soap cloud, just put the bar on a large paper plate and microwave for 2 minutes.  FYI, the aloe smells better than original when it is heating up.  I forgot to get a picture, but it really does look like a cloud.  Both of my girls loved watching it grow and to tell the truth, so did I!
My sweet girl and her friends.
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Video - music by Laurie Berkner
Happy 4th birthday my sweet girl!