Purple | i heart faces | North Dallas Child Photogrpher

Purple.  It has always been my mom's favorite color.  Purple is also Elaina Beth's favorite color.  I love that it isn't pink, like her sister.  It is more fun that way.  So, in honor of my youngest daughter, this week's challenge is all about her...and in a way, it is about my mom, too.  (Two of my three favorite girls.)  Here she is working on a painting for her grandma this past May. The light in the room was awful, but I wasn't worried about it.  They were really only taken to share with her Mina, as she lovingly nicknamed my mom.   Notice that there is almost as much paint on her hands and face as there is on the canvas!  And yes, that is purple paint on the chair behind her, too.  She is one messy marvin, but oh how I love her!

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the series from over my head | i heart faces

Here is the series I put together from the pictures I took of Elyssa dumping water over her head.  Isn't she adorable?

Sweet Sisters | North Dallas Children Photographer

One of the best parts of my job is seeing clients every year. Macy is 4 now and this is my 3rd year to take her pictures. Her family has been around from the time I took the leap into photography. I still remember playing peek a boo around trees with her. Gorgeous is the only way to describe her. And now, the newborn baby sister that was so teeny tiny just last summer is chasing her big sister around everywhere! It was so much fun watching the adoration between them. Beautiful girls that are always dressed to perfection that adore each other??? A photographer couldn't ask for more!

Over My Head | i heart faces | Dallas Area Portrait Photogrpher

What a fun challenge this week at I HEART FACES!  Be sure and check out all of the creative entries.  When I saw this week's theme, I knew I already had the perfect picture.  I took this of Elyssa a few weeks ago when we were playing in the backyard.  Maybe I will post the series of shots that I took later.  The before, during, and after. :) 


What a Difference a Year Can Make | Frisco Family Photography

Just one year ago, I followed an adorable little girl all around Central Park.  It was obvious that she was the apple of her mommy's eye!  Now she has a teeny tiny baby sister AND a cute little cousin.  Don't you know that grandma is enjoying herself. :)  Thanks for being patient with your preview, Rebecca.  It was wonderful to see you again!

Worth the Wait | Frisco Newborn and Family Photography

I am a little behind on my blogging this week, with the holiday weekend and Mia's birthday.  At least I managed to get the facebook sneak peek up in a timely fashion!  It was so nice to meet this beautiful family on Sunday.  After a couple of unexpected illnesses, we finally managed to get a date to work!  There little miss is grew fast over those few weeks, but she was still so little and snuggly.  Big brother is a major cutie and just adored his new baby sister.  I enjoyed every minute that I spent in their lovely home.