Home Sweet Home | Dallas Irving Newborn Photographer

This is the same little man from the birth I posted not long ago.  And yes, I am a bit behind on my blogging!  It was so nice to see him again.  I loved how attentive his big sister was and how his big brother was still trying to figure out why another baby was there.  LOL!  They were all so cute!  It is so much fun watching a family grow.  It seems like yesterday I was taking SJ's newborn pictures and now the house is full of love and laughter (and diapers and crying...but that part of life will change all too soon).

The Carbajal Family | Mckinney TX Family Photographer

I love this family.  Their oldest daughter was in my kinder class at church and she was the sweetest thing.  I couldn't believe how much they had all grown since our last session over a year ago.  I'm sure their oldest son felt the same way.  It was his first time back home since I last saw them.  He has been off serving our country and I have no doubt that they were glad to have him home.  Maybe the next time he is on leave I can get some shots of him in uniform.  Thank you for braving the heat with me! 

See the look of adoration?.... I saw it on each one of their faces during our session.