Maroon and Orange...the colors of Thanksgiving spirit

Team rivalries are always fun, especially when you are married! Saturday morning was more than a little brisk, so thanks for putting on smiling faces you two. :)

Jacob and Natasha

I took a major leap outside of my comfort zone this weekend and headed home to photograph a wedding. I was around when this beautiful bride was born (and even watched her in the nursery on occasion), so it seemed hard to imagine that she was old enough to get married. I guess that's what happens when you move away and only visit on occasion. It was also really great getting to see so many people that I hadn't seen in years. A wedding photographer I am not, but I did manage to capture some good shots.Natasha was a absolutely stunning bride. Her poise, calmness, and joy could be a lesson for many brides to follow. I have no doubt that their married life will continue to be an example for others to look towards and will be filled with many incredible moments.

25 Years and Counting

I had the honor of photographing my mother's best friend and her husband this past weekend. They will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary soon. It is obvious how much God has blessed their marriage. I posted many of their sweet poses, but don't be fooled...there was a lot of goofing around going on. (I'll try and post one of the sillier ones soon!)
Congratulations you two. I love you both:)

Marry me...

Sunday's session was extra special. My daughter's kindergarten teacher from last year is getting married and I had the honor of taking their engagement photos. Her husband to be is a P.E. coach at the school, too. Elyssa and her best friend getting to be bridesmaids just tops it all off! We are so excited for you both. Enjoy your preview!

Love is in the air...

Instead of my normal holiday children and family sessions, I managed to book two couple sessions on the same weekend...and I must say it was a nice change of pace! This just happens to be an old co-worker of mine and her beau. As you can tell, they are a lot of fun and definitely head over heals!

What a cutie!

This adorable 4 year old has the most beautiful head of hair that I have ever seen on a child! Pair that with her incredible eyes and you get quite a photogenic little girl! :) Thank you Liz for sharing your beautiful family with me yesterday.

Absolutely Adorable!

This is my second session with these two adorable children. Not only are they both beautiful, but also sweet and easy to work with. It is so much fun to watch as big brother helps and loves on his little sister. I sure hope my two continue to be that way as they get older! Misty, I can't wait for you to see the rest...
....and I just couldn't resist capturing this big brother moment :)