The "perfect" present!

Ok, I admit, that as a photographer I am somewhat biased, but what better present than a family portrait. You have a such a lovely family. Thank you for welcoming me into your home on Saturday. Happy early birthday!

Pink Christmas Birthday

I can't believe this little one has already had her first birthday. She was born on the day after Christmas, so she had a pink christmas themed party. It was beautiful. Thank you, Amy, for letting me be a part of Sarah Jane's first year!

Too cute...

These two cuties were such fun yesterday. The oldest is quite the little model and her precious baby sister was all smiles! Your girls are beautiful, Amy. Thanks for working on such so notice. I'm glad we were able to make it work.

Christmas Wonder

This sweetie isn't even 1 yet and is already one of my best clients! She is a great subject...her mom takes LOTS of pictures, so she is certainly not camera shy. :)