Lovely Little Ladybug | Halloween Mini-sessions

This little miss wasn't quick to warm up, but once she did she ran herself out! I couldn't get over how adorable she looked in her costume. The wings and tutu combined with her curls and eyes was striking! Don't forget to check back next week and vote. :)

Ruby Slippers | Halloween Mini-sessions

After Saturday's sessions, I am wondering why I didn't offer mini sessions sooner. We had beautiful weather and adorable costumes. These two girls look like they just stepped off of the yellow brick road. I'm so glad you worked this into your busy schedule and I know you will be too. Be on the look out for the Costume Contest in about a week!

...and here's mom and dad

Sibling Love | McKinney Children Photography

It was a cool and rather wet morning, but we still had a great time. Can't you just feel the love between these two? Big sis was so protective and although little brother was quite independent, he wanted to do everything she did. It was so much fun to watch! Thanks for a great morning :)

**New Product Announcement** | Recollections Photography Mckinney, Texas

I am so excited to announce a brand new product. Many of my clients rave about their books. Well, I have finally designed some 3x3 Mini Accordian Albums and they are awesome! The small size and hard cover make them perfect for your purse and they come in sets of 3, so you can carry one with you, keep one at home, and still give one to grandma. :) Each book holds 9 images. And the covers come in a variety of colors. Here are some samples. They will be in the Product Section of the client ordering section of my website soon. You can either choose to use a ready made layout, or I can design a custom layout just for you using your choice of colors and textures. a special "treat" this month, I am giving away a set of these mini albums to every client who purchase $200 or more worth of products.

What a morning! | McKinney Family Photographer

I met an awesome family this morning. We had a few gliches...sick dog, change of location, lots of mud...:), but it turned out great! Here is a preview, Delores. There is much more to come!

Twins | McKinney Newborn Photographer

Here they are again! We rescheduled a second shoot last time, since sleep didn't seem to be in the cards. This time they were asleep, but it didn't take long for them to wake up. :) I still managed to get some great shots. They are just SO cute!

Dem Bones

Have you ever seen such a cute skeleton? He wasn't part of my Halloween Mini-session costume contest, but I will definitely be adding him to the polling. His mom contacted be about Halloween cards and after today's session, I'm even more excited about putting one together! Jessy, I know you couldn't wait to see some here they are. :) It was such a pleasure meeting you and your family this morning.