My husband watched the movie 3 (about Dale Earnhardt, for those non Nascar people out there!) again last night, since it just happened to be on ESPN. I'm not a huge fan of the sport or the movie, but I do love the number! Three years olds are one of the most fun ages for me to photograph. The smiles are genuine, they will usually stop and pose when asked, and they are just so darn cute! :) As the images show, this gorgeous little girl is full of smiles. I think we all had a good time. I can't wait to see her again in a couple of weeks when her new little sister gets here. Enjoy your preview...and be prepared to make some tough choices, cause boy is she cute!

...this last one gives you a glance into her more serious side. Isn't she stunning?

Oh Baby!

This is a theme you will be seeing a lot around here the next couple of months! This beautiful one month old never did settle into a deep sleep, but she did share her precious smile! Her big brother wanted in on the action, too. He modeled and worked as my little helper. :) Thanks for being such a big boy and sharing your new little sister with me for an hour!

The Birthday Boy

First birthdays are such an exciting time. I always love taking these milestone pictures! This little guy is so adorable. Don't you just love his baby blues? Thanks Kristi and Dave! Sunday was a lot of fun. I can't wait to get the kids together to play. It is such a blessing when God leads you to new friendships (especially when they are in your neighborhood!).

A Real "Fairytale" Wedding

I had the best time with this couple on Saturday. The weather held out and everything was beautiful, especially the bride and her three little fairies! I am not a wedding photographer, but I am so glad that I agreed to do this. Thank you for the opportunity, Miranda!