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I don't usually participate in the Fix It Fridays challenge, but I really liked the photo they chose for this week.  (not to mention I have a ton of house work I am putting  A big thanks to Angie Arthur Photography
for the use of her image for this week's challenge.

The first thing I did was pull it into lightroom and made some basic adjustments.  Working with a jpg isn't the same as starting with a raw file, but it still worked.  I upped the exposure, brightness, and recovery slider a little and then used the brush to bring down the sky and lighten some of the shadows and then used then just warmed it up a bit.  I used that version to make some more adjustments in photoshop.  The one with Florabella actions is processed with Cosmopolitan set at a lower opacity in one layer and then duplicated on an even lower opacity set to screen.  The last version is sharpened with an unsharp mask and then I ran TRA free Slice Like a Ninja (lowered to 25% opacity) and added a light haze.

Click the link at the top to go see some of the other creative ways to fix it!


Tiffany said...

These are very pretty! I love how simple they are!

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