My oh time flies | Frisco Mckinney Senior Photographer

This seems to be true in the big and little things of life.  When I was a teenager, my youth leaders had a little girl that they named Victory.  I loved having a "little Tory" around, even if they didn't exactly name her after me!  As you can see here, she isn't so little anymore.  It is hard to believe that this tiny girl that I watched grow up is about to graduate from high school.  After I posted her sneak peek on FaceBook, I got caught up with everything else and forgot to go back and get some of her beautiful pictures up on the blog.  Her order is in, announcements are about to go out, but she is too gorgeous not to share here.  Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Tory.  You have grown into a beautiful woman on the inside as well as the outside.  I can't wait to see what big plans God has in store for you. :)


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