Wolford Elementary Vice President | Personal Post

I couldn't let too much time pass without sharing how proud I am of my oldest daughter.  We moved into a new house this summer, which meant starting 4th grade at a new school.  When she came home and told me that she planned to run for Student Council Vice President, the first thing I thought was that she should stick with class rep this year, since she still didn't know very many people.  I didn't want to discourage her, though, so instead I encouraged her to work extra hard and go the extra mile.  She is very different than I was at her age.  Outgoing and brave wasn't me at all!  Five students ran for the office of VP, but only one person started with a song.  She was so nervous that I could see her hands shaking, but she did it and did it well! 

You can see her speech HERE.

Congratulations Little Bit! We are so proud of you...and not just because you won. :)


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