Wow. I didn't realize just how behind I had become on my blog. There are 24 sessions from 2011 that I didn't get posted and I am already two behind this year. Instead of trying to post each individual session, I will just have to group them together. I would just start fresh with 2012, but with so many fabulous sessions, I can't NOT share them with you. :)

Loved the front of this new year card. 

The newborn I ended 2011 with had lashes

Such perfect outfits!

Fun, fun, fun!!!

Now I want a picture like this with my mom. :)

A quick mini session on a very cold morning...

So glad they brought their vintage cars along.  The second shot was just snapped, not planned, but has to be one of my favorites of 2011.

Cutie pie!!!

It was so cold we had to take a break to warm up in the car.

Name announcing maternity session, followed by an adorable new addition!

A slight drizzle didn't scare this family away.  We ended up having a blast! :)

A portrait session with a Christmas morning feel.

What a face!

I still can't decide which outfits I liked better.

Another gorgeous family.

This big brother is always so good with his sister.  It is too sweet!

I am pretty sure that both of these guys had fun!

I saw this family twice!

Purple boots.  Need I say more. :)

This whole session made me smile.

And last but not least, one of my favorite families in this world!

Whew!  24 sessions in one post.  Now it is time for bed.


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