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As soon as I started seeing previews for the Lorax, I knew that I wanted to try and convince my soon to be 10 year old to change party themes.  Who could resist those awesome truffula trees!  I must say that I love how it all came together!
I loved this punch idea from Tonya Staab, but I put my own twist on it using a large chenille stem (left over from mustaches) and a piece of feather boa (left over from the truffula trees).  As you can see, my truffula tree cupcakes and cake toppers had begun to melt before I took the picture.  Cotton candy doesn't last long out in the air! The fruit picks and metal flowers came from Hobby Lobby.  For snacks, there were chocolate teddy grahams (barbaloot bears), marshmallows (which the bears love to eat), goldfish (singing fish), and peeps (the closest thing I could come up with for a swomee swan).
I made her invitations using a wallpaper download from the official site here.  Here is the back of the invitation in an Organic Bloom Frame with a small truffula tree added for decoration.  I got the idea for the tree here and the back of the invite here.  She has a download the for The Lorax quote printable, but it wasn't quite the right colors for my invite, so I made mine using photoshop.

Using large chenille stems made making mustaches for the girls super easy!
Now, the most important part...the truffula trees!  I read a lot of different ideas for making them and then made my own design.  I used styrofoam balls (not cheap, so use coupons if you can) and wrapped them with feathe boas using metal floral pins to attach them to the ball.  The trunks are made out of chicken wire and paper mache.  I just used a pencil to add the details.  Once they dried I stuck a dowel through the center and into a piece of floral foam in the pot and then attached the tree top onto the top of the dowel.  They were quite top heavy, so the set of three I had to tie with a ribbon to keep them from falling over.  I still loved the way they looked, though!

An etsy seller had wool that matched the trees perfectly.  I had extra boa and pencils on hand for a truffula tree pencil craft, but we ran out of time.  They did make glow in the dark bracelets at the beginning of the party while we were waiting for everyone to arrive.  Perfect for a dark movie theater.
For dinner, we had Lorax quesadillas, carrots, and chips.  Some of the girls don't eat meat, so this made it easy to offer a chicken and vegetarian option.

Here is the birthday girl blowing out her candles!  I still can't believe she is in the double digits!!!
For party favors, the girls took home a pot with a metal flower and a chicklet type gum.  I had planned on putting cute Lorax printables on the lid, but ran out of time. 
Overall I am thrilled with how it turned out.  For more Lorax ideas, visit my pinterest page!


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