Photography Idol

Believe it or not, I was photographing a birthday party and this little beauty was one of the guests.  She wasn't a stranger, yet I doubt she remembered me.  It was her first birthday party last summer that led to this party booking.

The perfect moment can come when you least expect it.  My job is make that moment last a lifetime.   

American Idol. My husband and I watch it with our girls every season.  So, when I heard about this competition, I just knew it was time. Time to stop shying away from opportunities and really put myself out there.  The judges at Chic Critique are only going to choose ten photographers to compete and there are a lot of fabulous entries.   If I am chosen to move forward, I will be given weekly photo assignments and take part in a live webinar every Monday for four weeks. It is a huge comittment, but what an amazing opportunity for growth.  Just like on AI, the contenstants will be narrowed down each week based on votes, so be sure and join in the fun!

Deciding to participate was the easy part. Choosing ONE photo to show who you are as a photographer...not so easy! After a lot of back and forth, I've finally narrowed it down. This is my current favorite. It doesn't have any of that gorgeous golden hour light that I love. She isn't laughing with her mom or giggling because I am being silly. Yet, I am completely drawn in by her eyes every time I see it, just like I was the day I took it.   I'm guessing she will pull you in, too. :)

Visit the Chic Critique Forum to find out all the details! 


Summer said...

I'm so proud of you. I do love the beauty in this moment. Good luck!

Carrie Saindon said...

Love the eyes!

Unknown said...

Stunning! I love the composition, her reflection, and those gorgeous eyes!

Geneva Fonda said...

The eyes have it! She's looking like "yes, you called me". Great capture!

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