You Make the World Sparkle | valentine gift idea

I was looking through some of last year's images for a project and came across these shots of the crayons we made for my daughter's to take to school.  Elaina had just turned 4 and writing "you make the world sparkle"  took a while, but it was the perfect touch to give to her teachers.  I loved how they turned out and how easy they were to make.  

We searched the crayon bins for old blue and green crayons.  Then we peeled off the wrappers and broke them into smaller pieces.  After that, just put them the crayon pieces into small muffin pans.  I used more blue than green.  The oven should be at around 250 degrees and just keep an eye on them until they melt.  I added glitter to the melted wax and then let them cool and ta da...sparkly world crayons!

And a peak at last year's valentine cards.


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