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It has been three months since my oldest turned 11 and it is still hard to believe.  She is now taller than my mom and borrows my shoes.  Although time is passing quickly, we decided to take a step back in time for her party this year.  The joke was that she had a birthday month, because I went all out on the fifties theme.  We went to an old drive in that still has speakers you can hang on your car window, ate at a 50's diner, took a friend skating the weekend of her actual birthday.  Her party took place a week early, because of spring break.  I found the idea for the dance floor on another mom's blog.  It is just cheap peel and stick tile from Lowe's that we spray painted white and black.  Then I just bought a cheap drop cloth and stuck the tiles to it.  The whole thing cost less than $25!
I fell in love with the hamburger cupcakes and sugar cookie fries that I found on bakerella's website.  Aren't they adorable?  We even filled the ketchup bottle with thin red icing for the girls to dip their "fries" in!

I found this jukebox on amazon.  It is still hanging on my daughter's wall in her bedroom. :)
My mom made a fruit filled jello mold.  I loved going through the recipe book filled with strange jello dinners with Elyssa.  We were all amazed at the things people used to put in jello.  Yuck!
 Small coke glasses from the dollar store were perfect for root beer floats and also served as a party favor for guests, along with an initial necklace, and a hula hoop.
 We had hula hoop and bubble blowing contests.

 And then the birthday girl blew out her candles!

Her invitations may have been my favorite part of the whole party.  We used some of my mom's old 45s. I designed labels based on one I found online, printed them on sticker sheets, cut them out and then stuck them directly over the old label.  They turned out even better than I had hoped! 


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