My Bias....

Here they are...I put together my top 9 for 2009.  I definitely could have chosen more, but I just couldn't seem to narrow it down to the five I mentioned yesterday.  Oh how I love these beautiful little girls of mine!

The bond between sisters is like none other....just looking at this picture makes my heart smile!
This was a quick snapshot I managed to grab one day when Lainy B fell asleep after removing her diaper and putting on her sister's socks.  If you look closely you can see her snuggling with two more pairs of socks.
This was one of my favorite images from Elyssa's birthday session.  She is so stinkin' cute!
These eyelashes still amaze me....
I love love love this Pippi Longstocking shot.  She is quite the ham!
How does she manage to sparkle even when you can't look into her eyes?
The setting, the girl....couldn't ask for anything more stunning.
When did this happen?  Where did my baby girl go???
...and last but not least, a picture that shows what life at my house is really like!


Samantha Parks said...

that second picture is just incredible! i'd have to get that blown up big. i love it :)

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