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I had the opportunity to take pictures of my good friend Angie's family again this year. It was about 5 years ago this month that God brought her into my life. We taught 4th grade together and formed a bond quite quickly, especially after we discovered we were both pregnant. Our girls were born in the same hospital only days apart. After Mia went to be with Jesus, I was so grateful to have my friend's daughter around to watch as she grows up.  Because of her, I can picture my middle daughter as she might be now, instead of only seeing her as a tiny two month old.  At this year's shoot, Angie realized part way in that she forgot to bring the blanket that had made its appearance at every session the last four years. She was less than six months old when they let me "practice" with my new camera and now look at big she no longer needs her security blanket only one year away from kindergarten and soon to be a big sister!  We have all grown a lot these past five years and I am thankful that our friendship has continued to grow, too. Thanks, Ang, for being such an awesome friend. It was great finally getting to meet your mom, too!

P.S. Sorry about the bug bites!


Morrison Memories said...

Fabulous pictures!! A is a beauty!

Eigna said...

Such a sweet post, Tori. The pictures are wonderful as usual! I am so glad we have been able to stay so close, our friendship means so much to me! Thank you for documenting our lives for the past 4 years. Don't worry about the bug bites, they will go away! =)

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